Wedding Dance Etiquette

The wedding dance is one of the most enjoyable parts of the reception. Guests can enjoy the music to their hearts’ content. Beautiful music is playing in the background. The newlyweds entertain their guests with a choreographed first dance. This will be a wonderful time to take some pictures that capture the spirit of the event.

Dancing in wedding involves some etiquette. The order of dancing can be arranged by the bride and groom.

Sequence of Dance Partners in Wedding

The bride and groom will dance first. This is the usual format. Then the parent dances with the couple – father with the bride and mother with the groom.

The groom’s father will then dance with the bride and the groom with the mother-in-law. The meaning of this dance is that the bride and groom are each welcome to their new families. If the groom or bride has step parents then it is proper to ask the step parents to dance with the couple too.

After dancing with the couple, the parents then pair with each other. After that, they pair with the other parents. The sequence continues with the best man dancing with the bride and the maid of honor with the groom. Bridesmaids and ushers follow next until the entire wedding entourage has danced. The guests then can join in the dancing.

Other Dancing Alternatives

This is basically the traditional sequence of wedding dancing. It is not unusual for couples nowadays, however, to do some variation on this pairing order. Sometimes if parents are divorced, this kind of sequence might cause some awkwardness on the part of the parents. This is the reason why in most weddings today, the traditional first dance of the newlywed is observed. After that, there is no particular sequence to be followed.

The bridal entourage can join. At times the guests join with the entourage too. This set up is more informal and most couples prefer it this way.

Another alternative to dancing in wedding is after the full dance routine of the bride and groom, the wedding entourage will also perform a full routine. This however, will take time to learn and might be expensive too. But this is one of the popular alternatives used in weddings these days.

The first wedding dance of the couple is usually done after the serving of main course. Oftentimes, it is performed right after cake cutting. The Master of Ceremony must announce the cake cutting. This will signal that the dance is about to happen.

If the couple will do a full dance routine then the guests should not be allowed to cut in while dancing. The MC should announce that the guests cannot cut in or join in the floor until the dance is finished. This will ensure that the couple will have the floor all to themselves and the dance routine will not be interrupted.

The couple has a free rein on how the order will go in dancing. After all, it is their wedding and they can invent tradition if they want. The couple must let the people who will dance know in advance. They should be instructed as to when they are supposed to cut in or join in the dancing. The MC can announce the order by calling the next participant to the dance. If the order of people dancing is long then expect to play a number of wedding dance songs.

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Traditional Indian Wedding Dances

Indians are famous for throwing exorbitant, lavish weddings with lots of color, loud music and enthusiastic dancing. An Indian wedding is an auspicious occasion celebrated with great zest, fervor and enthusiasm. Weddings all over the world are celebrated enthusiastically, but the thing that seems to separate Indian weddings from the rest are the dances.

Dance is the soul of any Indian wedding. Those dancing may be far from professional, but no one can resist the urge to move around on the dance floor to the rhythm of the music to celebrate with the newly weds. By expressing their joy and love through dance, the wedding guests happily greet the new couple into the world of marriage.

However, not every wedding dance is the same. Traditional dances in the north will sometimes vary greatly from the traditional dances in the south due to the vast diversity of the Indian subcontinent.

In all Indian weddings, there’s a special song and dance ceremony called Lady Sangeet, where women sing wedding folk songs while dancing. In addition, sometimes the bride and groom will prepare a Bollywood dance to perform for their guests, regardless of what part of India they’re from.

North India – Bhangra

In north India, the most common dance form is Bhangra, which is seen in almost every north Indian wedding. All wedding guests take part in Bhangra, regardless of their ages. Because this dance doesn’t require any kind of special training or time to learn, everyone can easily participate.

Bhangra is a folk dance originating from the north Indian state of Punjab. Historically, this dance was performed by farmers during harvest time.

Bhangra involves raising your hands and feet up in the air to the rhythm of the music. To get a mental image, imagine yourself screwing a light bulb into the ceiling while twisting your foot like you’re trying to squeeze something with it.

When men and women dance together, the men perform Bhangra while their female partners perform Gidha. Gidha is the mirroring of the speed and movements of your partner.

East India – Garba

In Gujrat, a traditional dance known as Garba is held the night before a Gujarati matrimony, and it involves a lot of dancing. Garba helps to get both families interacting with each other, and provides a happy atmosphere to improve inter-family relationships before the wedding the next day.

Within Garva is a dance event called Raas, where couples dance together with Dandia sticks. The couples dance with the Dandia sticks in their hands, and hit them together after intervals of dancing.

Because Garba involves so much partner dancing, the people of East India know it as an ideal ceremony for new couples to meet and begin their own stories together.

South India – Traditional Folk

South Indians love to incorporate traditional folk into their weddings. Aside from the traditional reception after the wedding, south Indian couples normally host a sort of entertainment event involving traditional folk songs and dances. These songs and dances are all designed to reflect the compatibility and understanding between the bride and her groom.

This time of entertainment also gives a much-needed break from stress for those involved in planning and executing the wedding. The get a break and can enjoy themselves despite the hectic schedule of putting on a grand Indian wedding.

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Make Your Wedding Dance More Memorable With These Tips

Your special day is coming up congratulations! Aren’t you forgetting something though? Yes, I was referring to your dance. We’ve all seen this scene at one point in our lives: embarrassing wedding dance routines. Okay, I didn’t mean to make your nervous by reminding you of the last wedding ceremony you have attended. In fact, today I will give you some tips to make your wedding routines more memorable and a pleasant experience for you and your fiance. My goal here is to point out the most important things you should probably consider for your dance. If you feel one of the tips does not necessarily apply to you and your fiance, feel free to skip it.

Choose your wedding songs carefully

This is probably the most important thing to consider before heading to the dance floor: your wedding songs. Pick the songs that really mean something to you and your fiance. It doesn’t matter if it is an upbeat or slow song, but make sure the lyrics speak to you and your partner directly. As if the song was written for you and your partner specifically. Don’t overdo it. Choose something that is not too lengthy, since you don’t want to end up boring your guests.

Learn to Dance

Yes, not all of us are born with natural talents in dancing, but this is a skill that can be learned. Taking dance classes before your wedding will greatly help. Keep in mind your wedding budget though and make sure that you do not have to spend too much money for your wedding dance preparations. You and your fiancé can hire a wedding dance instructor or even attend a dance class together.

Have fun

Yes, dancing is fun. If you or your partner feels uncomfortable in any way, this is a normal reaction at first. But as you get along; you’ll definitely enjoy your practice more and more. Dance to express and not to impress. After all, this is your special day and not anyone else’s.

Don’t over spend

Most couples who celebrate their weddings over spend and this is a fact. As a new couple, you want to ensure that you don’t face any financial problems at the early stage of your marriage. Although a memorable dance is your goal, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars just for the preparation itself. You can learn your dance at the comforts of your own home without a dance instructor. Watch dance videos online. This will not only give you dance ideas, but will also teach you some dance steps and routines which you can incorporate into your own dance. Now, if both of you and your partner are lacking the talents in dancing, you may want to learn your dance routines through some wedding dance instructional DVD’s that are not too expensive. These DVD’s are of course not for free, but you will not end spending too much just to learn your wedding dance.

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Prepare For Your First Wedding Dance at Home

Probably the best and most enjoyable part of any wedding reception is the dancing.

Your family and friends, after the formalities, get a chance to let their hair down and enjoy themselves. Of course, it’s also the time for the newly married couple to show their love for each other.

The married couple can then entertain and even surprise their guests with a great first wedding dance routine. It’s also a chance for some great photo opportunities.

The timing of first wedding dance is usually performed after the main course is served and ideally, directly after the cutting of the cake. It often works well to have your MC announce the cutting of the cake and then ask for the dance floor to be cleared and then announce your first wedding dance.

It’s a tradition that the bride and groom will be the first to dance and then the parent dances follow. The father of the bride will dance with his daughter and the groom will ask his mother to join him in a dance.

The groom’s father then cuts in to dance with the bride and the groom dances with his new mother-in-law. Traditionally, this dance is symbolic of the groom’s family welcoming the bride into his family.

Following this, the parents dance with each other and then exchange dances with the other couple.

This swapping of partners continues with the groom dancing with the maid or matron of honor and the best man asking the bride to dance.. Finally, the entire wedding party, ushers and bridesmaids join in the festivities.

Once the entire bridal party and their parents are on the dance floor, the other guests are invited to dance.

How will You Prepare for Your First Wedding Dance?

Of course, if you have never danced together before and neither of you know how to dance you will need some form of instruction. This can be as formal as private wedding dance lessons at a dance studio or using an online wedding dance video system. Just don’t assume that you will magically figure it out on the big day without ever having done it before!

First wedding dance lessons in a dance studio can be a fun experience as you learn your routine together guided by a professional dance instructor. However, the cost to prepare for a full dance routine in a dance studio can be expensive and time consuming.
On average, private lessons to prepare you for a full routine will set you back quite a bit of money. Lessons are usually an hour in length and the number you need will depend on how complicated your routine is and how bad a dancer you are!

A cheaper and more convenient alternative may be to use an instructional step-by-step video system. One such system is called First Dance Fabulous, which has been produced by Mary Pinizzotto, a ballroom dance champion who is also known as the Wedding Dance Expert. This instructional dance system has been made specifically to teach engaged couples how to prepare for their first wedding dance in the privacy of their own home.

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The Wedding Dance – New Modern First Wedding Dance

Have you seen the JK Wedding Entrance Dance? If you haven’t then you have been on another planet. The video of the Bride and Groom dancing down the aisle with their Bridal Party to Forever by Chris Brown has over 30 millions views on YouTube, has been featured on the news and has been a popular social topic for months now. Surprise Wedding Dances are the new fad and it is becoming increasingly popular.

Many couples are leaving the traditional first wedding dance for well choreographed dances that leave their guests surprised and smiling. As you look on YouTube you see many dances inspired by the movie Dirty Dancing and Thriller by Michael Jackson. Couples are foregoing the traditional waltz and ballroom dance for break dancing, hip hop dance moves, and the latest dance moves of the time.

The number of couples that are taking dance lessons has jumped, dance choreographers have noted the increase for alternative wedding dances. These dance lessons rival those of Broadway productions, pushing weddings to a professional level. Weddings now are all about expressing your individuality as a couple and this is a way to make a statement as to what’s different about you and your wedding.

It can be said that the surprise wedding dance was started by Michelle and John Brubaker, whose “Baby Got Back” dance was a big hit when released. The couple’s dance was very good and is still one of the most popular videos online.

As weddings are becoming more expensive, more costly than years before, couples want to make the most of their wedding. Doing a surprise dance is a great way to get your guests involved and to add more excitement to your wedding. It sets the tone for the wedding and it would seem that if you attend a wedding now, it would be odd not to see a choreographed dance.

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